Professional mixing station equipment manufacturers - Henan prospecting Heavy mixing station cement silo common troubleshooting description: Fault 1: Cement pretend not to go; Reason: a cutting cone valve does not open;. 2. The warehouse displays a positive pressure within the cement will pretend not to go; 3. delivery warehouse exhaust valve leakage; Solution: 1. First check the 6×4 dasion concrete mixer truck cylinder piston, connecting rod or without action, the action is in place; without movement or action is not in place, there may be a gas cylinder switch leakage or obstruction, then clean up the debris off valve. and sealed on the line; 2. timely check whether the exhaust valve is blown through the rubber tray, timely replacement was blown through the rubber; compulsory mixer 3. Open the exhaust tray, cement compartment remainder discharged; Failure II: cement warehouse cement send out; Reason: cement silo pipeline precipitation, the pipe plug; Workaround: always clean cement silo pipe to make the pipe to keep clean Failure three: send to powder during the powder tank, cement silo top with powder smoke; Reason: a dust filter blockage;. 2. The level meter failure; . Solution: 1 dust filter clean, if the filter is damaged, it is a new one; 2. The renewal of the level meter, new concrete mixer truck for sale this time to check the level meter material full alarm system reliability; Fault IV: Slow feed screw conveyor; . Causes: a screw conveyor damage; 2. Powder container cutting is not smooth; . Solution: 1. Check whether the deformation of the rotating screw conveyor blade door laser marking agitator static mixer, if the deformation becomes dismantle correction or renewals blade; 2. Check the material level tank, tank clogged if the material level, it will be material level tank clean.