Aggregates are essential infrastructure materials. In recent years, urban development booming. The growing demand for sand and gravel. Simple sand of the river can not meet the needs of the construction project. In addition, due to the uncontrollable mining Lee Long River overflowed, causing soil erosion. Riverbed subsidence. Further deterioration of the ecological environment. Sand resources of the river on the edge of exhaustion. Sand devices seem to make the building has solved the problem of shortage of sand. Greatly facilitated the scarcity of natural resources in the sand pressure zones. While reducing the co Ts of investment. Sand all areas of China promulgated the use of technical standards are applied to the construction works best sand strong support. The quality of artificial sand for construction. Feasibility and significant economic benefits. Artificial sand is an ideal material to replace natural sand. Natural river sand robust performance than the sand a little better. But the sand can still reach (standard GB / T141684293) specifications of top quality products. sand quality can meet the construction standards. It is understood that many provinces of China released documents to encourage the promotion of sand instead of natural sand. The move to open the request sand market provides a great help. Future development is inseparable from the sand and gravel industry sand making machine. Our sand production line equipment for limestone, granite, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate and other hard and brittle materials in the debris, fine. Specially conceived for providing reasonable production process based on user needs. sand equipment plays a very important in the development of the infrastructure of the country, is the pillar industry of economic development of China.